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OK Dept of Corrections anticipates deeper budget cuts

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV)-The Department of Corrections is just one state agencies expecting budget cuts due to Oklahoma’s budget deficit and revenue failure.

According to State Finance Director Preston Doerflinger, agencies like the Department of Corrections could face cuts of 10 percent or more; that’s around $3 million less to work with.

"We've got 28,000 people incarcerated here in Oklahoma, 33,000 under some type of supervision or parole, and we have 260 probation officers for the supervision and 1,700 correctional officers for 28,000," Corrections Director Joe Allbaugh explained. "I don't have beds to put people in right now. We have 1,406 today in county jail backup. Where am I supposed to put these people?"

According to KWTV, Oklahoma declared revenue failure due to revenue projections of 5.7 percent less than anticipated. The revenue failure will likely result in across the board cuts to all state agencies. The current budget gap has widened to $878 million for next fiscal year.

Information provided by KWTV. 

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