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OK lawmakers accused of misappropriating “education lottery” proceeds

(Source MGN/Oklahoma Lottery) (Source MGN/Oklahoma Lottery)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV)- Lawmakers are accused of misappropriating proceeds from Oklahoma’s “education lottery” which was approved more than a decade ago.

According to KWTV, the lottery law laid out how the proceeds of the lottery had to be divided up - between common education, higher education, and career technology. The law also stated that the funds were never to replace, or supplant, regular state funding for education.

The Board of Equalization released a revenue certification packet on February 21st showing that the Legislature used $10-plus million dollars in lottery funds to 'supplant' regular education funding for the current fiscal year.

When a determination of supplanting is made, the legislature must pay back the amount supplanted. In this case, $10.1 million to the lottery trust fund.

Information provided by KWTV.

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