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Sterling students learn from local professionals

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STERLING, OK (KSWO)- Health and disaster awareness at the forefront for hundreds of students from Sterling Public Schools Thursday. It was all part of Sterling's Health and Preparedness Fair.

Every year nursing students from the University of Oklahoma travel to one school in a rural area to teach kids something fun and informative.They set up stations, tailored to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.That's where students could learn more on public safety, weather disaster drills, substance abuse, dental hygiene, and nutrition.The kids also got the chance to ask our very own Chief Meteorologist Austin Bowling questions about the weather and our storm chasing car. The Sterling Fire and Police Departments and EMT's were also there showing off their cars and trucks.

The kids were extremely excited and happy to be able to meet so many officials and ask them questions about their career. The nursing students from The University of Oklahoma had different activities for them to perform like doing push ups and touching different organs from animals.

"Touching a cow heart and picking it up," Cooper said.

"I like touching the cow heart and the bones," Mason said.

Sterling first grade students Cooper and Mason said their favorite event was learning about heart health. Students were given the opportunity to learn about several different topic that will keep them healthy and prepare them for disastrous situations. President of the Student Nursing Association  Alex Train said it means a lot that to be a role model for kids.

"Happiness from the children and their faces.I want to be great teacher to them and a mentor to them. We are leaders for them and this not only affects their lives right now but in the future," said Train.

Teaching is exactly what Train and his classmates did. From performing CPR on test dummies and knowing when to dial 911. Plus they learned about nutrition and different exercises to keep the body health, the kids were amazed.

University of Oklahoma nursing student Joy Delapaz and her classmates taught kids about lung health. Delapza said kids are exposed to tobacco products at an early stage in life. The bright colored packaging on some tobacco products makes it appealing to kids. Delapaz said its easy for kids to mistake it for candy.

"Yeah, its pretty easy especially when they have so many people around them that are probably already smoking that are already doing smoke-less tobacco. We are just trying to make them aware of things they can do to protect themselves," Delapza said.

But drug prevention and health were not the only topics kids learned about. Survival Flight Marketing and Membership Director James Petty taught kids all about the medical field and helping others. Before he was a director Petty was an Emergency Medical Technician for 14 years. Petty said his goal was to simply inspire others.

"If we could get one kid to chose the medical profession and they can make a difference the way me and my co-workers have  it would mean the world because there is nothing better than looking down at a patient when they are sick or hurt and they are trusting you with the knowledge that we have gained over the years," Petty said.

Students, and teachers from Sterling said the fair was a complete success! The nursing students said they are excited to see what school they will be going to next year.

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