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Fort Sill Patriot Club hosts celebratory luncheon for Black History Month

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-February is black history month and in honor of that, the Fort Sill Patriot Club hosted a celebratory luncheon.
The luncheon's theme came from the words of Booker T. Washington success always leaves footprints.

Nearly 300 members of the Lawton-Fort Sill community were in attendance.

As guests entered the Patriot Club, they were greeted with posters highlighting prominent moments in black history.

They were then served food and drinks as they prepared for the special guest speaker Retired Brigadier General Jesse Robert Cross.

Cross said he wanted to stress the theme ‘success always leaves footprints’ to show that we as a community cannot do anything alone.

"We understand we can't do things on our own,” said Cross. “Either help from God or help from our fellow man. That's the only way we will accomplish things in life."

Although he was honored to be asked to speak, he said his hope is the focus remains on African Americans and how the community can keep that at the forefront.

"The roads that we travel someone else is going to travel those roads,” said Cross. “If we continue to reach towards our goals to the end, we will be successful. And others that follow behind us will be successful. Even if we mess up along the way they can understand and see the challenges and struggles we had and how we overcame those struggles."

Fort Sill Specialist Marcus Maxey was just one of the soldiers who came out to celebrate the national month and hear from the guest speaker.

He said while at the luncheon he learned more about black history and the central role many African Americans have played in our nation's history than he thought he knew.

He also said the theme of the day was fitting for the celebration.

"It's very important,” said Maxey. It's always good because you can't get to where you need to be without knowing where you've been."

Cross believes this mindset is exactly what our nation needs.

"We are a great nation,” said Cross. “A great nation of individuals made up of different diverse backgrounds and we need to celebrate we need to recognize all the contributions that everybody made."

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