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Local girl scouts learn table etiquette

(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)
(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A local girl scout troop has been working on proper table etiquette, and on Thursday afternoon, they had the chance to show what they've learned. 

The scouts put on their Sunday best and turned Cleveland Elementary School's cafeteria into the Cleveland Cafe for a special dinner. The girls were allowed to bring one guest. 

Music filled the air as the girls talked about which fork to eat their salad with and how they should place their napkin in their lap, among other fine dining rules.

"You put the forks not together, and the knife and the spoon not together and then you put the cup right there," Girl Scout Isabella Rapalo explained.

The troop Esther Slaughter leader said it’s important for the girls to know life skills. 

"Being able to socialize and being out in public and table manners, etiquette, all that is very important and as Girl Scouts, we just want to enrich them and teach them how to be social butterflies," Slaughter said.

Their troop leader says she wants to have more etiquette classes for the girls and possibly cooking classes in the future.

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