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Cameron students learn skills during "Empowering Women in Leadership and STEM" program

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Body language, creative teaching techniques and connecting with leaders in community were all part of Cameron University's Empowering Women in Leadership and STEM Program.

The program featured a series of presentations aimed at strengthening the leadership skills of women and men. It also included a discussion panel that  connected undergraduate women with women in leadership roles in Southwest Oklahoma. The panel encouraged professors to share personal experiences and provide career tips to students.

Whether you're meeting someone for the first time, interviewing for a job, or dealing with a boss, your body language often sets the tone for the conversation. Cameron University student Zoie Timothy said that session helped her understand the signals she was sending out, which sometimes made people uncomfortable.

"I'm originally from the Caribbean and I have a very confrontational body language, I could never figure out why but now I know," Timothy said.

While the event was primarily geared toward women, it was open to anyone.  Cameron student Christopher Tuttle said he learned some skills that could help him with his relationship.

"Body language is so important and I am really convinced that to be very successful you need to learn how to read a body language, especially with a  girlfriend. That's what I was thinking about the whole time, now I can talk and understand my girlfriend a little more," Tuttle said.

Professor Patti Wood said specific areas of the body, which she refers to as body windows,let's  you see how you're being perceived.

"You have a window at the toes of your feet, at your knees, at your belly, the heart, the neck, the mouth, the eyes and the palm of your hand so when your are interacting with someone you can open up your windows, they can close down their windows, the can open and be receptive to your information or say nope not really not interested," Wood said.

Wood also focused on creative teaching techniques for current and future educators to help energize their presentation with students.

"There are people that  are very good at what they do but i just want to up their game and learn new creative techniques and technology, and tools and tricks," Wood said.

"Definitely going to use all of them! I am tutor on campus and I work in the center for writers so I think this will definitely help me connect with students just a little bit better and be more effective in my field," Timothy said.

Officials from Cameron are already discussing plans to have the event next year.

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