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Local LGBT reaction to transgender bathroom use decision

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - This week, President Trump's administration lifted the federal guidelines for transgender students' choice of bathrooms in public schools. The guidelines allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify.

Local LGBT students are worried about their rights, while those who support Trump's action are happy to get rid of what they believe is federal government overreach.

One of the members of Cameron University’s PRIDE group says they think Trump's administration isn't fighting for them. And are fearful this sets the tone for Trump's approach to LGBT rights.

Transgender senior at Cameron University Sav Price read over more news about Trump's administrations recent decision to rollback guidelines affecting transgender students in public schools.

“It's scary,” said Price. “It's to the point where people aren't even lying any more. They are not saying that this is going to be easy or it's going to get better soon. It's scary. We're afraid.”

The Department of Justice and Education issued a letter on Wednesday night, lifting those guidelines that lay out how schools should allow the transgender students the choice to use the bathrooms of their chosen gender. The letter says that the guidelines put in during Obama's administration bring up legal questions.

Before this letter was issued, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Wednesday that the transgender bathroom use issue isn't a federal issue.

"I've made this clear and the president has made it clear throughout the campaign, that he's a firm believer in states' rights, and that certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the federal level," said Spicer.

Even some 7NEWS viewers on Facebook agree that it should be up to the state's or school district on transgender bathroom use.

But Price and others in the transgender community say this is a cop-out to the real issue.

"It's not about state's rights,” said Price. “And it's not about limiting federal overreach. It's about isolating transgender individuals and their bodies and trying to assign and control them."

Through the week, some school districts across the US, like in Wausau, Wisconsin, announced they are not going back on their transgender policies they put in place with the help of those federal guidelines.

While Price and the Cameron PRIDE students hope progress toward transgender rights will continue to be made, they say the fight isn't over.

"I'm not going to stop,” said Price. “My friends aren't going to stop my role models and my idols are not going to stop until every little trans boy girl or child has the ability to use the restroom that they need to be in."

Next month, the first case related to transgender students will go to the supreme court. Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old student from Virginia wanted to use the bathroom in school that matches his gender identity. Some legal experts are saying this latest Trump administration action could tip the scales on the ruling.

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