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OKC Thunder spirit made its way to Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Oklahoma City Thunder spirit traveled to Lawton on Monday. The OG&E ThunderBolt, a mobile Thunder event, parked out at the Chick-fil-A parking lot on Cache Road, and brought everything but the real Thunder players to Thunder fans.

The ThunderBolt came into town the night before their Military Appreciation game, and Chick-fil-A bought up some tickets to give away.

Former military Sebastian Chambers showed off the Thunder Military Appreciation game tickets he won Monday night to all of his Facebook friends.

"As a prior soldier it just, I feel appreciated that's for sure," said Chambers.

Jonathan Pickett, operator of the Chick-Fil-A here on Cache road, wanted to find a way to bring some Thunder fun to Lawton.

"I love the Thunder,” said Pickett. “I'm a fan. I'm a season ticket holder. So, any time we can get the Thunder out here to Lawton and to put Lawton out on the map, and to reach out into the community or Thunder fans is a great opportunity. Win-win for us and for the Thunder."

In comes the OG&E ThunderBolt. A trailer with a Thunder locker room area where you can see how tall you are compared to the towering Stephen Adams, or to see if your hand is as large as Enes Kanter. Or how does your shoe size stand up to Russell Westbrook?

Then on the back of the trailer a place to shoot hoops. A favorite of 3rd grader LaRay Cox.

"I've never shot that high before," Cox.

For about two years, the OG&E ThunderBolt and the crew go out to about 75 events a year. Not just in Oklahoma, but Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri so they can reach all Thunder Fans. Even lucky Thunder fans who couldn't make it out there Monday night.

"Well my wife is a big-time Thunder fan,” said Chambers. “I've been promising to take her to a game this year, but we just haven't gone. This is just kind of proof of that.”

The Thunder team out there encouraged the members of our military to head out to the Military Appreciation game on Tuesday night in OKC. They say they will have discounts and deals for members, and fun entertainment for our men and women in uniform.

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