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OK DUI offenses now compiled in Impaired Driver Database

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV) -The Impaired Driver Database in Oklahoma was signed into law last year and aims at getting drunk drivers off the streets.

This week, the testing phase began. Officers now report offenses to both locally and to the State District Court so that all law enforcement can see the suspect’s DUI history.

“My goal before I die is to make sure that there is a time when no mother or grandmother will ever feel the agony of that loss,” said La Jan Fields, an advocate for drunk driving prevention. “Anything that can help, I’m 100 percent for. We need to treat second or third-time offenders accordingly, and this law will give the judges the ability to see that and to do so. People hopefully will realize that they can’t hide anymore, they can’t go from county to county.”

News 9 reached out to several police departments who reported that they are now using new software to report DUIs to the State District Court.

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