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House Committee Endorses Five Oklahoma Education Bills

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)– Five bills dealing with Oklahoma education are now eligible for placement on the House calendar for a floor vote by the entire House of Representatives after receiving endorsements Monday from the House Committee on Common Education.

House Bill 1362 would require an annual report about emergency teaching certificates including:

  • the total number of certificates issued
  • the school district
  • the specific school
  • the subject matter
  • the total length of time in which the teacher taught under an emergency certificate
  • demographic information (including student poverty levels, racial composition, and disability percentages

More than 52,000 students are being taught by an emergency certified teacher in Oklahoma.

House Bill 1538 aims to update HIV/AIDS prevention education materials by providing medically accurate resources for HIV and AIDS prevention education in conjunction with the State Health Department or the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

House Bill 1602 outlines a grading policy for the district’s students that would include provisions for “the assignment of grades on class assignments, examinations, and final class grades.” The policy would require classroom teachers to assign a grade that “reflects the relative mastery of an assignment” by each student, and would allow a student “a reasonable opportunity” to make up or redo a class assignment or exam for which the student received a failing grade.

House Bill 1684 would require any school district that adopts a four-day school week to submit a report to the State Department of Education that identifies “goals sought to be achieved,” the “intended educational and fiscal benefits,” “anticipated impacts or outcomes,” and “a discussion of any potential disadvantages that have been identified.”

House Bill 1694 stipulates personal financial literacy courses in public schools to cover managing a bank account, understanding interest, credit card debt, and online commerce; rights and responsibilities of renting/buying a home; savings and investing; planning for retirement; bankruptcy; banking and financial services; understanding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid; loans and borrowing money, including predatory lending and payday loans; understanding insurance; identity fraud and theft; charitable giving; understanding the financial impact and consequences of gambling; earning an income; and understanding state and federal taxes.

Information provided by Oklahoma House of Representatives.

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