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Police investigating after someone created a fake "Duncan Police Department" Facebook page

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Some confusion out of Duncan after someone created a fake "Duncan Police Department" Facebook page on Monday.

That page has been deleted, but while it was up, the creator posted a man's name and a picture, saying he was wanted for questioning.
There was also a post about local officers making appearances in the community. Neither story was accurate.
Police are treating this as more than just a harmless prank, saying incorrect information puts citizens in the community and officers at risk.

Lieutenant John Byers said this is the first time it's happened to the department. But thanks to today's technology, it's something that happening more and more often.That's because everything you need to do is right here in your phone.  

Since anyone with internet access can set up a profile in a matter of minutes, it means all of us can be a target.

"Like even my images that are out there from cases that I have worked either through the media or on Google and create a fake one of me as an investigator," Byers said.

Byers said he started investigating after friends on his Facebook page posted comments and sent him messages about the false page. Byers said the information wasn't necessarily negative but it was all bogus information.

"I noticed that some of the post were about individuals posted that we were looking for and to me knowledge and to any of the other investigators knowledge we were not looking for those individuals. There were also some post about The Duncan Police Department doing different events going out to the schools and those officers were not any of our officers in the picture. They kind of looked like a stock photo that you can get you can get off of Google or another image search," Byers said.

That's when Byers put a post on the real Duncan Police Facebook page letting people know it was false.

"The information we want to put out is try and correct as we can get it and we didn't want  to cause anyone any undue stress. The individuals that there picture was on that page if they were approached out in public and thought that they were wanted for something they could have got in a foot pursuit or vehicle pursuit and possibly injured themselves, other citizens or other officers and we don't want that out there", Byers said.

Byers said The real Duncan Police Department Facebook post reached more than 12 hundred people and was shared about 80 times. Byers said they have an I-P address for the fake page and will investigate who created it.Under the computer crimes act, a person can face charges for creating a false page.

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