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Lawton Neighborhood Services $80,000 funding transfer approved

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – The Lawton City Council voted Tuesday night to approve a transfer of funds to help Neighborhood Services deal with the upcoming season of tall grass and weeds complaints.

Neighborhood Services Supervisor Joshua Leach said the department already used all of their budget for abatements to tackle the list of complaints from a warm and wet summer and fall season.

Leach said $80,000 from an "Abatement and Demolition" fund, set up in 2014 to supplement the department's budget, will help them with the complaints until the next fiscal year.

"Trees are already budding and grass is starting to grow in some areas of the city already,” said Leach. “We're expected to start getting phone calls and complaints in the next couple of weeks.”

The Abatement and Demolition fund collects fines and fees from the properties the city cleans up, and keeps them in the account until requested.

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