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Lawton Goodwill falling victim to nightly thefts

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A donation bin for a Lawton Goodwill has been the target of repeated thefts.

Goodwill officials said it happens almost every night at the Goodwill on 52nd Street North of Cache Road and that all of the thieves have been captured on video. Goodwill employees said they never expected what they would see when they set up the surveillance cameras outside their donation center.

"We were very shocked,” said Missy Beets, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Goodwill. “We post signs that it's our property and anyone that is caught stealing will be prosecuted but you can see that doesn't stop them."

Beets said she doesn't think the criminals realize just who they are hurting when they show up and haul away the donations.

"The main purpose behind that is we fund programs with those sales. So taking donations from us is like taking donations from our programs that help people,” Beets said. “We help over 6,200 people every year so that money is very, very important to us."

Beets said the thieves are also affecting those who are choosing to donate their items.

"That's who I probably feel the worst for, you know. Yes it does take away from our programs, it takes away from our people in those programs but our donors donate with that intention in mind,” Beets said. “So, it's very disappointing. Very, very disappointing.”

Stealing the donations is a crime and Beets said they recently upgraded their security equipment to make sure they can give as much information to police as possible when they report these crimes.

"We see every detail. We know you're doing it, we have your information, we know your face, your license plate, your vehicle. We do file police reports immediately,” Beets said.

Beets said she hopes this won't deter those in the community from continuing to give.

"We are doing everything in our power to ensure your donations are safe. When you bring them to us and give them to us with those great intentions of helping others, we're making sure that happens,” Beets said.

As for those committing the crimes, Beets said she simply wants you to stop.

"Whether they believe it's right or wrong, maybe they stop because they're being caught,” Beets said. “I mean at least I hope that, like oh my gosh my face was on the news or my friends face or my family and whether they turn them in or not, I just hope they at least tell them hey, they know what you're doing."

Beets said this is something they are taking very seriously and they hope people will come forward to help. If you recognize any of the people committing the crimes or the vehicles they are doing it in, you are encouraged to call the police.

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