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Altus Animal Control Center seeks funding for outdoor kennels

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LAWTON,OK (KSWO)- The Altus Animal Control Center is reaching out to the community for help funding new outdoor kennels for their rescued dogs.

The shelter's goal is to raise money for forty kennels. They cost 300 dollars each, and the city of Altus has agreed to match 150-dollars for every 150 they raise.

Right now, the dogs stay cooped up inside almost all day, only getting to come outside for about an hour, where they're tied up, while workers clean their cages.

For nearly fifty years Altus Animal Control has provided a home for rescued dogs and animals in need.

Supervisor of the center, Krissy Mahew, said dogs thrive on exercise and socialization with other dogs and the new kennels are necessary for them to do that.

"It will keep the dogs from going what we call kennel crazy,” said Mahew. “It's where they just never get to go out. Never get to exercise. We will hopefully get rid of most of that to where dogs won't be going crazy in a kennel."

The dogs at the shelter are only released from the indoor kennels during cleaning, which is only an hour per day. And they have to be tightly restrained then.

“They can dig out of this fence here,” said Mahew. “There are holes that we need to fix and repair and in the four-foot fencing which is what you see way behind me and they will jump out if they are not on a tie out."

Alyda Richardson has volunteered at the shelter for four years. She said she has noticed how the dogs behave erratically when they are finally allowed to be outside.

"These animals are in these kennels in the building anywhere from fourteen to seventeen hours a day,” said Richardson. “They really need these so they can be out more. More work can be done on the shelter and animals can be out in the open in the air where they are getting fresh air."

The new kennels will be placed alongside the outdoor fences taking the place of the old cages.

Adoption Coordinator of the center Kim Johnson said she believes the new kennels will even help in the adoption process of the dogs.

"It's easier to adopt a dog if a person sees them happy wagging its tell outside rather than locked up in a stage," said Johnson.

However, Richardson said she's hopeful of the community's support.

“Any of the businesses you can get a plaque with your name on it (if you donate),” said Richardson. “And the animals will love you forever. These animals have got to start getting out of these buildings more. Out into the sunshine and into the weather. The only way they are going to get to do that is with the community's support."

Donations will be accepted at the Altus City Clerk's Office in City Hall.

You can also find more information on how to donate on their Facebook page

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