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Lawton business burglarized twice in three weeks

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The owner of a Lawton laundromat is looking for answers after two burglaries at his business in less than three weeks.

38th Street Laundromat on Northwest 38th street and Rogers Lane had a vending machine stolen from outside on February 15th. Monday morning, it was burglarized again, with the thieves this time breaking the glass and entering the building.

Just after 12:30 on Monday morning, two people broke the glass door and crawled into the laundromat. They headed straight for the two vending machines inside the business and tried to pry them open to steal the money and food inside. After less than a minute, the security alarm in the business went off and the two people ran away empty handed.

Having to deal with several burglaries would naturally make anyone angry.

"It's very, very frustrating. We're here to make a living and by having someone come in and damage our property or take our property, it's very frustrating,” said 38th Street Laundromat owner Oscar Cardenas.

Cardenas said this time around, the burglars thankfully did not steal anything, but left behind a broken window and door.

"It's really discouraging because every time we turn around it's costing us money. This all costs money, it's not free,” Cardenas said.

The burglary is very similar to another burglary at the same laundromat on February 15th, but Cardenas said he does not think the two are related.

"It looks like different people,” Cardenas said. “Some young men and I'm sure somebody recognizes them because of what they're wearing. They were masked but were still wearing lots of clothes that are recognizable."

Cardenas said he wants to ensure his customers they have nothing to worry about going forward.

"Everything that's happening is after duty hours so we're just going to get a little more surveillance around the place,” Cardenas said. We don't keep any money in here so, I don't know why. It's a laundromat for crying out loud."

Cardenas said he hopes these things stop happening to his business and encourages anyone who recognizes the men in the video or has any information on the break-in to call the police.

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