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OK Bill could allow alcohol in movie theaters

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR)- House Bill 2186, which passed out of committee, would allow movie theaters to sell alcohol to patrons, who could enjoy the beverages in their seats where minors are present.

"To me, it's just about allowing people the freedom to purchase that legal product and, in this case, maybe inspiring some more economic development in Oklahoma City," said Sen. David Holt (R-Oklahoma City), who has co-authored the bill. "You can buy a drink at the Chesapeake Arena around minors. You can buy a drink at a restaurant around minors. There's lots of ways that you can enforce access, and I think you can continue to do that at a movie theater and other states have proven that you can."

AMC gave the following statement to reporters at KFOR:

"AMC proudly serves adult beverages in more than 240 locations nationwide, including some of the most popular family destinations, such as our theatres at Disney Springs in Orlando, Fla., and Universal Studios in Universal City, Calif. It’s a very popular amenity with guests, and AMC’s adult beverage concept, MacGuffins, has been honored with multiple awards for responsible service, as well as an award for best promotion among National Chain Restaurants. Along with plush, power recliners, more premium sight & sound offerings like IMAX at AMC and Dolby Cinema at AMC, and more food and beverage offerings, our adult beverage concept is another way AMC is delivering a better movie-going experience to guests throughout the country."

"We can't say anything bad about it in our neighborhood," said Tim Wakefield, who was visiting Oklahoma City from Kentucky, where theaters sell alcohol. "I was a police officer for 26 years in my community, and we saw zero impact on juveniles drinking, as far as drunk driving, all those things. What it did do was generate revenue for the businesses in our community."

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