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City of Duncan converting former Halliburton finance center into new City Hall

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A former finance center for Halliburton will soon be transformed into Duncan's new City Hall. The building is located on Highway 81 on the south side of Duncan, close to the Stephens County Fairgrounds. The building has been vacant for a couple of years and Halliburton agreed to sell it to the city for $700,000. 

That money came from a sales tax that was approved in a 2014 Capital Improvement Fund for infrastructure and economic development.
The current city hall located in downtown Duncan on West Willow Street is more than 60 years old and is costing the city big bucks to keep it up-to date and maintained. 

While city officials agreed on the purchase price, the final contract still needs to be drawn up and approved by the city council.  If that can be done at the next council meeting on March 14, the moving process will begin. 

Duncan City Manager Kimberly Meek has only been on the job for about 6 months but said she was made aware of several structural issues about the current city hall building that was built 65 years ago.
"The roof leaks to the point that you can hear water running down the walls in many offices. We have an elevator that functions but is not exactly...while the building was built in 1952 and updated in 1984 so you can guess what shape the elevator is in and that is a major concern," Meek said. 

The current city hall is only 25,000 square feet compared to the new building which is 75,000 square feet. Meek said Halliburton only been out of the building for about 18 months but left it in very good shape.  There's even some furniture there. 

"They have continued security on it. They have continued the maintenance on it, the VAC units have been maintained, the water has been kept on, so its not like it's an abandoned building that just sat dormant and dark," Meek said. 

The City Manager's office, the Public Works Department, Court Clerk, the utilities department and the 911 Communications Center will be under one roof. 

The new building has a basement that's built to withstand an F-5 tornado which Meek believes will be the perfect location for the dispatcher, which is currently located at the police department.

"We did this in Guymon right before I came here and we saw a drastic change in the overall feeling of employees, so they felt like everybody was included. Right now we court clerk over here, we've got Public Works and there is no cohesiveness and when we brought department heads all together we suddenly felt like we were all working together instead of working on their own," Meek said. 

Meek said the new location on the South side of town could bring more development to the area.

"The group that I have spoken with has been very excited about the fact that we are going to consolidate services make it more efficient for people to get things done in city hall,"Meek said. 

Meek said Customer Service and the Utilities Department will be one of the first to move into the new building because they have to be able to take payments and take care of customers.The Community Development Department, human resources office, and Public Works Department will move in next. The 911 Communications Department will move at a later time. Meek said they have to make sure  the wiring and computers in that department are up to date and ready to use before they make the move. 

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