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Cameron hosts Native American presentation

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(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A presentation about Native American heritage was held on Tuesday at Cameron University, delivered by a man with local ties and a deep knowledge of their culture and history.

Doctor Cornel Pewewardy said he hopes people who attended tonight realize that there are different ways of looking at the world.

He said while everyone has their own perspective on things, he hopes that they might look at the world through a decolonized lens after hearing him.

Dr. Pewewardy, a former Cameron University professor, was right at home when he spoke about roots and knowing area tribes, because he’s from Lawton and a part of the KIOWA tribe. 

He said he wants other Native Americans to know where they came from and to teach about their heritage generations to come, adding that part of the lack of knowledge comes from receiving a Eurocentric education.

“For an example, I was taught in public schools here in Lawton that Columbus discovered America and I know that's far from the truth," Pewewardy said. "And so that perception still exists today and I'm here to say there's a different way to interpret history, there's a different way to look at the world and I'm sharing what I see as knowledge basis."

During his presentation, he also sang a native song he learned as a child.

He said by learning about their tribe, Native Americans can learn more about their who they are, their identities, and creation stories. 

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