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Oklahomans urged to help prevent wildfires

OK (KSWO)- Oklahoma Forestry Services urges all Oklahomans to step up wildfire prevention awareness and tactics. 

“Conditions are very dangerous today and we are urging everyone to use extreme caution and avoid any activity that can cause a spark,” said Oklahoma Forestry Director George Geissler.  “The Northwest Oklahoma Complex Fire, as well as other fires around the state,  are pushing resources to their limits and the last thing we need is to have additional fires.”

The Northwest Oklahoma Complex Fire includes three separate fires in Beaver, Harper and Woodward Counties and has burned over 800,000 acres across Oklahoma and Kansas, with significant loss of property and livestock.   Oklahoma Forestry Services is urging firefighters and the public to prepare for the possibility of an increase in the number and severity of wildfires.

Oklahoma Forestry Services offers the following safety tips:

  • Report any wildfires immediately through 911
  • Avoid the vicinity of wildfires to allow firefighters faster access to fires
  • Heed all evacuation notices and burn bans
  • Move trash, debris, and other flammable items a safe distance away from their homes
  • Do not park on dry grass or drag chains from vehicles

For additional information about wildfires and burn bans, visit www.forestry.ok.gov/wildfire-information.

Information provided by OK Forestry Services. 

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