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Duncan High School releases dress code survey

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Parents are reacting to a dress code survey led by Duncan High School.

A committee of teachers and students compiled the poll on acceptable school attire.

They felt the current dress code policy is outdated and hope to get it revised prior to the next school year.

Duncan high school issued the dress code survey online, complete with pictures of examples of clothing that could be up for debate.

Sandra Hurst was just one parent that found the survey helpful.

"With the pictures, you really felt you really felt you could make an informed decision about your preference," said Hurst.

However, some parents took that opportunity to express their concern on Facebook commenting that the survey focused more on girls than boys.

One parent stated, "The thing that disturbs me most is every picture is of a young woman." Another said, “Girls shouldn't be ashamed for having bodies."

Duncan High School principal and dress code committee director Kelly Trinidad, said most of the time a dress code violation is committed by a girl.

"It's usually related to the fashionable distressing or a sleeveless top or an off the shoulder top or something like that,” said Trinidad. “The biggest dress code violation, a boy might have might be a t-shirt with inappropriate language on it. Maybe if their pants are sagging."

She worked with a committee of students to create the survey and they will also be compiling the results.

Gentry Cox was a student on the committee.

She said the goal of the survey was to incorporate both female and male but admitted it was mostly directed toward females.

“Just because usually boys don't wear short shorts or they don't wear off the shoulder tops but, we did try and get a variety of different things,” said Cox.

Another parent, Aimee Greening said she believes the reason behind having to change the dress code policy comes down to one thing--respect.

"A lot of our daughters are very beautiful,” said Greening. “That's why they are distracting. Not because of their hair color or what they are wearing. I mean we can't cover them completely head to toe. So, we need to train our boys in the right way and our girls to respect boys."

The survey is open until March 9th.

After the results are in, the committee will bring those suggestions to the district board to decide on possible revisions to the dress code.

For more information on the survey, you can visit Duncan High School's website at

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