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Air Evac offering services to county employees in Stephens County

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STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- Medical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and it can leave a major dent in your wallet.

To help with that, the Air Evac ambulance service is now offering discounts to Stephens County employees and their families.
One of the plans would cost the county around $10,000 and would cover about 200 employees. Another option is for employees to opt in on their own through an annual $50 payroll deduction.

Imagine being in a serious car accident or at The Duncan Regional hospital and you need surgery performed at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Air Evac Paramedic, David Leyba said having these services can be life saving.

"It's vital compared to an ambulance, we offer most of the same care an ambulance does, but we get there a lot faster, we can get you transported a lot faster. For instance, here in Duncan riding an ambulance to the city is going to take about an hour and a half, it takes us forty minutes from the time we leave until we make it to the city," Leyba said.

Stephens County County Commissioner for District 2 Todd Churchman said the offer is up for discussion, but if the county doesn't have the money to pay for a membership plan, he is happy that there is another service they can offer employees that will deduct money from they pay.

"I do thing its a great idea, its very economical especially if its pay roll deduction you know 50 dollars a year for 12 months is a lot cheaper than the ride if you have to take it on your own," Churchman said.

Membership Sales Manager for Air Evac Jackie Brooks said if you ever have to use air ambulance services it can cost about $30,000. Brooks said providing these services for county employees in Stephens County is important. Anything the insurance doesn't pay is 100 percent forgiven.

"Well its vital for us to appreciate our employees and their stresses that they go through. When you have an employee that is stressed out over medical expenses or anything else it can affect their work. It shows your employees when you offer them this membership," Brooks said.

Brooks said employees who are part of a plan will not only be able to use the Air Evac based out of Duncan, but utilize services through any of the 260 Air Evac locations across the nation.

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