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Ride sharing company "Lyft" now apart of Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The fastest growing ride-share company in the U.S. is now a part of Southwest Oklahoma. It's called "Lyft" and it launched its services Thursday in Lawton.

Lyft is the second ride-sharing company to come to Lawton in recent months.

With just the tap on your phone, finding a ride to your destination through Lyft connects you with a driver within minutes, something residents tell me they will consider using.

"Yes! Definitely, especially since I'm in college. I know a lot of people think it's  expensive to get a taxi and stuff like that, I think Lyft will be a whole lot easier," England said.

"It will help our town, I mean there is people out here that need it, they don't want to wait on taxes because they take all day sometime. especially at night for the younger crowd, like college students," Adams said.

Immediately after you requests a ride, the app will alert you when a driver is on the way. Rides start $6.75, and go up by the minute and the mile.

The Lyft app estimates a ride from the Ross Shopping center on Sheridan Road, to the Apache Hotel and Casino on East Gore Boulevard will cost between $9.00 and $16.00 dollars.

TRIDE, a similar ride sharing service which started in Lawton just about two months ago, starts at $5.00 and goes up a quarter per minutes.

A cab ride from the shopping center on Sheridan to the Apache casino costs around $7.00 dollars.

A few people said they are concerned about the expense of ride sharing services.

"Well I've gotten a taxi from 38th street over to 14th street and that was only 6 dollars. I don't think that is a good price for it," Adams said.

"It's kind of up there, I think so. I would think maybe 5.00 dollars, but 16.00 that's a little bit up there," Diaz said.

Since Lyft is a ride-sharing company, it already has approval from The Oklahoma Corporation Commission to operate in Lawton. Drivers who work for Lyft are independent contractors, use their own cars, must be at least 21 and undergo a DMV check, plus a background check.

A Lyft spokesperson said Ft Sill was a main reason they decided to expand in Lawton.Cameron University is an attraction, too.

"Yeah, Cameron University is right down the road and I know a lot of students will use it. I know some students are out of town and so they don't have a car, and so being able to call this or get on the app and just pay it real quick, and they come get you and you have a ride home and back, and know that you are safe that would be really smart to have," England said.

"Yes for students and stuff that stay on campus and don't have transportation then yes it is," Williams said.

The idea of Ride-sharing companies was met with some resistance by local taxi services when Tride came to Lawton back in December.  
Cab Companies felt it was unfair they had to charge passengers by the zones and couldn't set their own rates under a city ordinance, but back in January the Lawton City Council voted to allow taxi companies to set their own rates allowing them to compete with ride-sharing companies like Lyft and TRIDE.

To celebrate the first day of starting their services, Lyft has code passengers can use to receive $5.00 dollars off their first ride. Just use the code "LyftLove17".

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