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Lawton students raise awareness for 'Kick Butts Day'

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Youth across the nation and Southwest Oklahoma are dedicating this month to raising awareness about the dangers of smoking tobacco.

Kick Butts Day is on March 15th this year but, since Lawton students will be on spring break then, kids at Pat Henry Elementary teamed up with the Healthy Living Program at Comanche County Memorial Hospital to celebrated it on March 10th.

In the classroom, they learned how to recognize the ways the tobacco industry targets children, and then went outside for a game of Kick Ball.

Naomi Kidd and Keith Usher are just a couple students who recognized the importance behind the message of Kick Butts Day--don't use tobacco.

"We are telling the factories that we don't want to do your drugs and that we don't care about you selling them,” said Keith.


"People don't deserve this,” said Naomi. “They don't mean to smoke it's just because they are addicted and they can't really help themselves unless they have help from other people."

Naomi said she witnessed first-hand the negative effect smoking had on her grandfather.

“He was in the hospital a long time and he learned from his leg cancer he would stop smoking,” said Naomi.

Per the Kick Butts website, nearly three million middle and high school students are current smokers.

And almost one-third of all kids who ever try smoking a cigarette become regular, daily smokers before leaving high school.

The program director for Comanche Memorials healthy living program Sandy Foster said her hope is to reverse that trend by educating the students on how the industry markets their products and encourage them to live a tobacco-free lifestyle.

"It's really important that they know that if they pick it up the chances are they will become addicted,” said Foster. “So, I really want this to stay with them."

Keith and Naomi sent a message to other students who may be considering smoking.

“You should not smoke so you can stay healthy and their skin will stay smooth and they won't age faster,” said Keith.

"Don't start at a young age or don't start at all,” said Naomi. “Once you start it's really hard to stop and your family members would be really sad to lose you."

For more information on events and activities educating youth on Kick Butts Day, you can visit their website at

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