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Fishing contest raises money for Lawton Animal Welfare

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MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - A family event for a good cause, that's what brought dozens of people together in Medicine Park Saturday.

Men, women and children all hit the water, looking to haul in the day’s biggest trout. It was all a part of a partnership between the Little Dam Bait Shop and Lawton Animal Welfare. The event raised money for Animal Welfare, allowing them to have free adoptions at the event Saturday.

"I'm going to destroy them and get a bigger fish than them," said Carter Henley.

Henley and his grandparents Larry and Stephanie Adair were just a few people who spent their Saturday casting a line and looking for the biggest trout. Henley is from Lawton but his grandparents came up from Keller, Texas for the chance to spend a little time in the outdoors with their family.

"We decided we'd come up here and just enjoy the time out in the mountains where the fish are and the eagles fly. It's a great place to be. Friendly people out here,” said Larry Adair.

Saturday was all about raising money for Lawton Animal Welfare, with there being several pets up for free adoption at the event, thanks to the money raised through entry fees. John McClain owns the Little Dam Bait Shop in Medicine Park and put on Saturday’s event. He said it was simply about helping animals in need find a good home.

"To me, animals are like children. They need to be led, they need to be fed and if they're put out on the street, they're going to hate people, they'll be called aggressive dogs, aggressive cats and they are entitled to a good home,” McClain said.

This is the first time the event has been held, but Lawton Animal Welfare Superintendent Russell Anderson said he thinks it could be the start of a great relationship between his organization and Medicine Park.

"Medicine park is really part of Lawton. No matter what anyone says, it's really an extension of Lawton so when you can reach out to a new community and bring them on board, especially something with the animals, it's always a great thing,” Anderson said.

Animal Welfare took 10 dogs to the event today and had 10 more ready to be brought out if needed. Anderson said he only had one goal for the animals coming into the event.

"Save lives. That's the only thing I'm hoping to accomplish today.,” Anderson said. “Save as many lives as we can and to raise awareness that we are mostly full all the time so I'd like to see increased adoptions so we can get them out the front door.”

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