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Oklahoma’s Federal Prosecutors Ousted Under Trump Administration

OK (KSWO)- President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have asked for the resignations of 46 sitting US attorneys nominated under former President Barack Obama, and two of them are from Oklahoma.

Danny Williams and Mark Green represented the Tulsa and Muskogee districts. The state's third US attorney, of Oklahoma City, resigned last year in anticipation of the new administration. His deputy was left in charge of his office.

In the past, attorneys have been asked to leave once their replacements have been confirmed through Congress. Oklahoma City's former attorney says getting rid of the attorneys before they could be replaced may hurt any ongoing cases.

"From my experience that was great because you had folks that were there, knew the job, were steady hands that could help their colleagues around the country," said Sanford Coats, a former US attorney.

He added that it could take months for each U-S attorney to be nominated and approved. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the power to appoint interim US attorneys until nominees are confirmed.

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