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Education Advocates Demand OK Lawmakers Follow Law and Fund Education First

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Parents, students, educators, and education advocates are demanding lawmakers follow a 2003 law requiring the legislature to “fund education first.”

“With a massive budget shortfall, schools need specific budget details in order to make critical decisions that affect student learning,” Stand for Children Oklahoma Executive Director Amber England said. “With last week’s passage of a teacher pay raise bill without identified revenue options to pay for it, lawmakers should work diligently to meet the Fund Education First deadline. Our students and teachers deserve to be a priority in the budget process—it’s the law.” 

Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association, said, “Teachers play a waiting game to know if their positions will be funded for the next year. Students wonder if they will get to take the classes they sign up for. Students, parents, and teachers all worry just how big class sizes will be. Lawmakers can give our teachers and families more certainty by funding education first.”

“Providing an adequate education to our children is a moral responsibility. Underfunding our education system neglects the most important institution—outside of the family and church—in a child’s life,” said co-founder of Pastors for Oklahoma Kids and NorthHaven Church Reverend Dr. Mitch Randall. “Our legislators have a moral imperative to follow the law and demonstrate accountability and transparency to Oklahoma taxpayers.” 

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