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State lawmakers say education spending plan unlikely by the legal deadline of 4/1

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV)- State lawmakers have 17 days left to pass an education budget or they’ll be breaking the law established 2003 that says an education spending plan must be in place by April 1st.  

“School districts have to hire their teachers by the first Monday in June,” said Melissa Abdo, a Jenks School Board member and her children spent the day talking with lawmakers and passing out calendars, reminding them the deadline for passing a school budget is fast approaching. “So when they wait and the budget comes out towards the end of session there’s just not a lot of time.”

However, lawmakers have only reached that deadline once and there are no consequences when they break that law.

 “If they don’t have that critical information they don’t know what’s going to happen. Are they going to have to lay off more teachers? Are they going to have to end AP courses in high school?  Are they going to have to end arts, PE?” Amber England with Stand for Children said.

“It’s demoralizing for my colleagues to not know if they’re going to have a job next year.  To not know where they’re going to be teaching or what they’re going to be teaching,” Westmoore High School teacher Nina Coerver said. 

Lawmakers are taking much of the week off for spring break.  

“My belief would be that an April first deadline is probably not going to be feasible,” Rep. John Paul Jordan, R-District 43 said.

Information provided by KWTV. 

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