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Highway 29 getting upgrades in coming years

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STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - Residents who drive along Highway 29 just outside of Marlow in Stephens County can expect to see lots of construction in the coming years.
A 54.7 million dollar road project is set to get underway starting in 2018.  The 8 year plan will include several upgrades along Highway 29.

The project would begin in June of 2018 on Highway 29 just outside of Marlow and continue to the Garvin County line. According to ODOT the project includes 4 separate projects.

Workers will begin grading, draining, and upgrading the surface of the road in the first phase of the project.  That work will start on Highway 29 about 2.6 miles east of Highway 81 and continue down the Highway for 4.4 miles.

In the second phase, in 2019, the two lane Highway will have shoulders added.  
"The shoulders would be a wonderful idea. I mean we need it because of the heavy truck traffic and it needs to widened so that will be tremendous," Moore said.

Also part of phase two, there will be a right of way added near Morrison Road that extends east 6 miles to the Garvin County line.
"Most of these turn off's are small so people wait until the last minute to turn right or left and that could be a problem," Tuck said.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation no work is scheduled for 2020. In 2021 Workers will resurface the project near Morrison road and replace The Black Bear Creek bridge in phase 3.

The final phase of the project will start in 2022 with grading, draining and resurfacing of the final 6 miles of highway 29 to the Garvin County line.

While many drivers I spoke with are looking forward to the improvements the project will offer one who works in Bray at the oil field said he feels the construction plan is too long.
"Well if it's based on all the other construction in the area it's really hard to get through. We have a lot of trucks that run up and down this road that haul a lot of water and things like that and it will slow down the turn around time. I mean it's going to be good for the area once it's done but 8 years is a long time," Thompson said.

After contractors bid  on the project and one is accepted, work will starts and continue through 2024.

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