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IKE grad, current State Rep. issues statement over 'Muslim questionnaire' controversy

Rep. Cyndi Munson (Source OKHouse.gov) Rep. Cyndi Munson (Source OKHouse.gov)
Rep. John Bennett (Source OKHouse.gov) Rep. John Bennett (Source OKHouse.gov)

State Representative, and Eisenhower graduate, Cyndi Munson has released a statement after reports that one of her colleagues gave Muslim visitors to the State Capitol a questionnaire which included controversial questions.

Earlier this month, Representative John Bennett of Sallisaw was embroiled in controversy after three Muslim students who visited his office said they were given a questionnaire which reportedly included questions such as ‘The Koran, the Sunna of Mohammed and Sharia Law of all schools say that the husband can beat his wife. Do you beat your wife?’ and asks if the person filling out the questionnaire supports the terror group Hamas.

Rep. Munson issued her statement on Wednesday, through the Democratic Caucus, saying in part:

“When a group of constituents brought the list of questions to my office, my heart shattered,” said Munson, D-Oklahoma City. “I cannot fathom creating such a barrier to the people that insults my Oklahoma brothers and sisters.”

The Oklahoma Chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is located in Munson’s district in Oklahoma City.

“They deserve, and do receive, the exact same type of representation as any other group in my district and nothing less,” Munson said.

CAIR is a sponsor of the annual ‘Muslim Day’ which was being held at the Capitol on the day the controversy began.

Rep. Bennett said his questionnaire was based on Islamic texts and that he did not meet with the group because he had already left the office for the day. Bennett also said, in a statement released to Oklahoma City station KFOR, that CAIR has been linked to Hamas in the past.

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