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New food delivery service comes to Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A new app-based food delivery service made its first deliveries in Lawton on Wednesday.

The business, Arrowhead delivery, employs mobile waiters who will pick up your food, and deliver it to any location within city limits for a fee of $5.99.  

As of mid-March, people can only choose from four places in Lawton.  Orders can be placed from Wayne's Drive Inn, McKenzie's Burgers, Swiggs Still and Grill, and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The business plans to add three more restaurants next week and hopes to continue adding more in the weeks ahead.

"It was, it's fun! You know you meet new people every day and you just bring up someone's day altogether," Allie Ross said.

She is just one of Arrowhead Deliveries ten mobile waiters delivering food for the first time.

Owner, Wes Roberts started the business back in 2013 in Abilene Texas. Last year he branched out to Wichita Falls and after getting request he decided to come to Lawton. He said it's important to him to help local businesses thrive.

"Our mission statement is actually to support locally owned businesses and to create some good jobs," Roberts said. "There are some really cool restaurants here."

If someone wants to order food from them, they can do so by going to their website or using their app. 

"And just click on the restaurant you want to order from, click on what you'd like to order, check out and it will be there within the hour," Roberts explained.

During checkout, they have the option of paying with their credit card or paying cash when the order is delivered.

Roberts said, most people order out of convenience or because they don't feel like leaving the house to pick up dinner but for some, like those who are homebound, it's a need.  

"There was a lady I delivered to in Abilene. I had probably been open for about 6 weeks and I remember bringing her some burgers and when I got out she walked up to me and she hugged my neck and she started crying. She said thank you so much for doing this I don't have to live off of pizza anymore."

During their first day, they made 12 deliveries but they expect that number to increase in the days to come.

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