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American Eagle brings larger planes to Lawton airport

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-More people will now be able to fly in and out of the Lawton-Ft Sill Regional Airport.

That's because two new American Eagle jets will arrive at the airport in April.

The new jets--a CRJ700 and a CRJ900 will be larger and will be able to hold up to 75 passengers.
That's an increase compared to the standard 50-seat planes.

Because of this addition, some of the older smaller jets will be retired.

Jason Reese is one traveler eager for the new jets to arrive.

“It's easy,” said Reese. “It's convenient for me. So, I fly in fly out for school and it's better than having to drive all the way to Oklahoma City or Dallas."

Another frequent flyer and Lawton's airport police officer Terry McDougle said he expects the new change will make a big difference for one reason.

"Modernization,” said McDougle. “Bigger is better they say and so, I think it will be better for the airport and the city of Lawton."

Airport director Barbra McNalley said there were only select markets that would get the larger jets and the airport in Lawton happened to be one of them.

"So, all around it just means American airlines has faith we will be able to fill those seats,” said McNalley

She said flight frequency and the cost will remain the same but more passengers will have the opportunity to fly to their destination at one time.

"Up until this time we've had a limited number of passengers, a limited number of seats and overbooking,” said McNalley.

Her hope is that the new jets will help bring more support for the local airport from the community.

"Fly Lawton,” said McNalley. “Check the flights out of Lawton when you are comparing air fares you are going to be surprised. A lot of cases the flights out of Lawton are very comparable to those in Oklahoma City and Dallas."

As of now, there are no plans for the airport expanding to other destinations.

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