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Lawton feed store manager donating feed to Oklahoma wildfire victims

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton feed store manager is off to Woodward on Saturday to make those who's lives, land and cattle have been impacted by the state's wildfires.

Aaron Lejeune and his wife heard of all the people across the state and country who were donating hay to those affected by the fires, and decided they wanted to pitch in too.

They're driving over three hours with three tons of feed for cattle or horses. Each bag of feed costs around $7.00. One ton was donated by Lejeune and two others by other local customers of his.

He says he wishes he could do more, but knows every little bit will help those in need.

"My heart goes out to them, like I said, it's horrible," said Lejeune. "The amount of livestock and not only that, but the lives that have been lost up there."

He knows other people around the state would do the same thing for him and other local residents if something tragic happened here.

"I'm from Oklahoma, said Lejeune. "Lived in Oklahoma my whole life and people are just, they're real giving. You know, when tragedy strikes, they're willing to lend a hand."

Lejeune is driving straight to the Woodward fairgrounds to meet members from the OSU extension office. They will then distribute the feed to people who are in desperate need for it.

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