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Empire High School raises money for after prom party

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Students and parents set up and spiked the ball at Empire High School for their annual volleyball fundraiser.

They are raising money for an after-prom party, and to provide necessary supplies graduating students need before going off to college.

“A lot of mistakes are made after prom,” said Ryley Dumas, senior at Empire High School.

Dumas is just one student that came out to the fundraiser event to play now and party safe later.

"It's just a fun time getting out in the community with everyone,” said Dumas.

However, he said at the after prom party is when the real fun begins.

"There's games, activities and of course there are prizes that they give out,” said Dumas. “Just to get stuff that we want and stuff that we might need going off to college."

Vice president of the Empire After Prom committee, Cari Edie said that was the reason behind the event.

"We try to buy laptops, refrigerators, and microwaves,” said Edie. “Things that kids need to take to college with them to further their education."

She said going to the after party will not only allow them to win prizes for college but most importantly stay safe.

"As opposed to being on the streets drinking or anything else like that,” said Edie. “We just like to have a family environment and that's what our school is about."

"You don't need to go out and do all that crazy stuff to have a good time,” said Dumas.

Edie encourages parents to get involved and donate for one reason.

"To keep our kids safe,” said Edie. “I, as a parent, want my kid to be safe and not have to worry about whose house they may be at."

Dumas said his hope is that those in the community will continue supporting them another year.


"This is for them,” said Dumas. “So, coming to this will definitely help them and after prom is just a great time."

Their goal is to raise a total of 10-thousand dollars this year.

For more information on how to donate, you can visit their Facebook page or contact Shawna Morgan at 580-656-0428 and Cari Edie at 580-475-6462 directly.

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