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Discover Oklahoma- Sea Turtle Island

TULSA, OK- This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, see why the newest exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium is making waves in a great way! And you can also meet 2 of the exhibit’s fast rising stars!  

“I would describe it as amazing and beautiful and the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Welcome to Sea Turtle Island. A light, bright, slice of the Caribbean you’ll now find inside the Oklahoma Aquarium.

“It’s amazing and awesome… and big and huge.”

It’s also the new home for these two 300 pound Lagerhead turtles.

“Sea turtles are all threatened or endangered. So you don’t just take them from the wild. They have to be injured or unable to return to the wild. These were turtles that could not go back into the wild. We’ve had them safe behind the scenes for about 10 years.”

This 56-thousand-gallon saltwater tank now houses the turtles, along with reef sharks and tropical fish.

“People always ask could we have babies here? Not with these two boys. They’re brothers. They are just loving this new exhibit.”

And there’s lots to love. You’ll find three viewing levels so that no matter where you are you’re able to see this underwater world.

You can see the rest of that story, plus explore history Oklahoma history in a unique way; find out about a bakery in Tulsa that’s perfected the fine art of handmade bread and delicious Cajun food in Midwest City, all that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!

Information provided by Discover Oklahoma. 

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