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Emergency Management prepares residents for storm season

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LAWTON,OK (KSWO)- Storm season is upon us and the Comanche County Emergency Management Office wants to make sure residents are prepared and know what do when the storm sirens sound.

We have all seen them and heard them. Comanche County Emergency Management is preparing residents for the upcoming storm season. They said when you do hear a siren, pay full attention, take cover, and never tune it out.

"Storms are unpredictable, they can go really fast or they can go really slow, you're not going to know which one it is until it really hits you. Best thing to do when sirens go off is to get inside and get to some place safe if you are at your house get into your storm shelter," Hensch said.

You shouldn't always rely on these storm sirens to keep you alerted when bad weather is approaching Comanche County Emergency Management said you should always have your smart phone handy to keep you updated as well.

"You need to be looking at different types of media to tell you about what's happening with the weather. Watching TV and see where the weather is happening, what's going on with it," Hensch said.

For mothers like Patricia Allen and Tami Smith who said the sirens alert them about what is about to happen they are always prepared.

"I like to check my phone on a weekly basis so I know what's ahead of me so I can plan my week around it. I usually check my phone pretty often when storms are approaching," Allen said.

"I usually just call somebody or see what the news is saying. I always listen to you guys before I take cover," Smith said.

The sirens will be sounded off  in matter of seconds if there are straight-lines winds measured at 70 miles per hour or higher or if the city is in the path of a tornado.

There are no public shelters in the city of Lawton or Comanche County. Emergency Management said the reason is because they don't want any residents out on the streets trying to drive to them. If you are ever caught on the road when a tornado is imminent, you should take cover in the nearest building.

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