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Pools opening early because of warm weather

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - According to local pool companies, the recent stretch of warm weather has meant big business for them. 

With people thinking about taking a dip in the pool, they've received an increase in calls to get those pools ready. Employees at Splash Pools and Spas said they have already gotten nearly twice as many pools ready as they would by this time in a normal year. 

Irven Mcgoohan owns Splash Pools and Spas and says they generally stay somewhat busy year-round, but the warm weather is prompting people to get those pools ready.

"Once the water gets over 50 degrees, algae and stuff like that starts growing in the water, especially if the water is not filtered or it doesn't have any chemicals in it,” Mcgoohan said. “So, once that water temperature starts going up, you need to be able to get out there and treat the swimming pool water so it doesn't go bad or anything like that."

The algae aren't necessarily dangerous, but getting your pool ready will take a lot more work if you let the algae grow. Mcgoohan said right now, their biggest business is what they call their spring opening of the swimming pools.

"We make sure all the pumps and filters are running OK, some of them need a little bit, maybe people have put something off in the fall to get to in the spring and things like that,” Mcgoohan said. “But we try to get the pumps and the filters in all the swimming pools, all the valves running right on them, all the chemicals right on them and then we maintain them from there."

Mcgoohan said there is a reason some people are still holding out on getting their pools ready.

"The nicer the weather gets, it goes on 3 or 4 days, and people will start calling, then all the sudden you get a little cold snap and they'll say I'll wait for another week or two or things like that,” Mcgoohan said. “Basically a lot of people know once they get that pool up and running they have to take care of it so some people try to put it off as long as they can."

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