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Medical Billing Legislation Eliminates Surprise Medical Bills

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – House Bill 2216, which aims to lessen surprise medical bills passed out of the Oklahoma House of Representatives with a unanimous vote of 93 to 0. The bill requires a non-contracted provider to give a health plan enrollee notice, a good-faith estimate of charges and a disclosure that the provider will either accept the assignment of benefits for the plan’s allowed amount or balance-bill the enrollee.

 “When you go somewhere covered by your insurance, it’s still possible you’ll be seen by an out-of-network provider,” said Rep. Sean Roberts. “This bill is designed to get rid of those surprise medical bills that patients aren't expecting from providers.”

Under the bill, patients will be able to request a different provider who is covered by insurance instead of being subjected to an unexpected medical bill.

“At the heart of this, the bill provides informed consent letting patients know what the true cost of a procedure is going to be,” Roberts said.

HB 2216 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

Information provided by Oklahoma House of Representative.

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