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Altus Air Force Base preps for tornado season

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ALTUS, OK (KSWO) -With storm season rolling in, Altus Air Force Base is making sure they're prepared for the worst-case scenario--how to handle the aftermath of a massive tornado sweeping through the area. They held a mock mass disaster exercise on Wednesday on the base.

They simulated a tornado that went from West to East and hit through the base, and although preparing before a tornado hits is important, sometimes preparing for what comes after is even harder.

"Help.... Help," said Lysyczyn.

The words every responder fears when called out after disasters.

Weston Lysyczyn is acting like a victim whose arm was hit by debris during the tornado and he's in severe pain and can't walk. Responders stopped the bleeding by putting gauze around his arm. They put a tarp down and carried Lysyczyn and the other victims on it, so they could lay down and help them.
He's just thankful, it wasn't real.

"Real life would be terrifying," said Lysyczyn. "I couldn't imagine. Luckily, my injury wasn't bad enough, so I think real life situation I would have been able to maybe help them out a little bit more, but for the practice I had to kind of remain stationary for them."

Their goal is to make sure each responder knows their role or duty after disasters strike and how to assist people, whether the person has a minor injury or if they're dead.

This isn't the first time Lysyczyn has experienced a tornado or severe weather during the three years he's lived on base in Altus. He says being from Tennessee, he had no idea how unpredictable the weather is here in Oklahoma. He's thankful for the training he's had at the base.

"Luckily, I've never been caught outside, so I didn't have to worry too much, just the basic drills we practice, just hunker down, get to your shelter in place, no windows and stay away from the doors and it is scary though because you never know," said

The responders were also evaluated during the training how well they did and how quickly they helped each person. Their commanders will re-evaluate and make any changes to their duties after the training.

If worse did come to worst and Lysyczyn or his family was hurt during severe weather, he's confident Altus Air Force Base officials have him covered.

"Having them on base, you know, prepared and ready to respond just helps you sleep better at night just knowing they can be there if you need them," said

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