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Church to help in wildfire relief efforts

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) - A local group is headed to the wildfire disaster zone in Northwest Oklahoma to help a family who lost everything when the flames overtook their ranch.

About 30 people from First Baptist Marlow will travel to the small town of Laverne next week to do what they can to help start the rebuilding process.

Like others in northwest Oklahoma, they lost absolutely everything...their house, belongings, trailers, tractors, and livestock.

The group from FBC Marlow is going to help this family, who they've never met, and re-fence some of their property. Dr. Ron Ligon who’s the pastor of First Baptist Church Marlow says the family has nearly 20 miles of fence that needs to be replaced.

"I've been told that while their house was actually burning that they were at a neighbor’s house trying to help save a neighbor’s house which gives you a notion of the character of these people," Ligon said.

When the church reached out to the family asking if they could help, the family pushed back at first.

"And said no we always help other people we don't get helped and we said we think we want to come help you and agreed and so I really think the Lord led us to this particular family," he said.

Dr. Ligon said their humble response didn't really surprise him.

"You know, there is something about Oklahomans that makes us quick to help and slow to receive help. I think that's what makes us the quality of people that we are," he said.

He said they decided to help out those affected by the wildfires after a member asked if the church could do something to help those in the panhandle. 

"It is part of our DNA that we do ministry projects and mission projects and if we know that there's a need and we believe that we have resources to meet at least part of that need you'll find that this church, that consist of three campuses, is going to be out there trying to get it done."

Members of the church have made donations to help the church purchase the supplies. Ligon said they haven't bought any supplies yet because they're hoping to buy in bulk. He went on to say some companies said they'd sell it to them at cost.

Ligon said if you'd like to help them build fences next Wednesday through Saturday or want to donate to help purchase the supplies you can call the church at (580) 658-5413.

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