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Anonymous threat puts Lawton High Schools on lock down

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- All three Lawton high schools were placed on lockdown today after someone called Crimestoppers, saying they had heard about a threat targeting each one of the schools.

That tip came in around seven this morning.

Officers from Lawton PD and the school district immediately responded by putting Ike, Mac, and Lawton High all on lockdown.

Students could leave during lunch break, and the school day went on without any incidents.

That threat is still under investigation.

As of now, investigators still have not released details on exactly what the threat was about.

"The first thing is like 'oh my gosh, what's going on?" said Janette Garton, a parent at Eisenhower High School.

Garton was just one of parent shocked to receive a text message and voicemail that her daughter's school was going to be on lockdown.

"It said that there had been a threat,” said Garton. “That the Lawton Public Schools was working with the police department to help make sure everything was under control and that there wasn't anything dangerous going to happen at our schools today or hopefully ever."

Two of her daughters go to Eisenhower High School.

She warned them that they would probably have to go through metal detectors today due to the lockdown.

According to Lawton Public Schools, all three high schools in the area have metal detectors...

L.P.S police chief David Hornbeck said they receive threats often and work round the clock to thoroughly investigate them all.

"We take all of them serious until we can determine whether or not they are valid,” said Hornbeck. “Some threats are indirect and some are direct. It’s kind of one of those deals you investigate and go with what you have."

He said the most important thing is the safety of the students.

"We definitely take a lot of work in making sure these kids are safe and we want them to know their safety is our number one priority and number one concern,” said Hornbeck.

He encourages those who may not have received the notice to verify your phone numbers with your school or contact the communications department to get up to date notices of all school activity.

Garton said the alert is something she's thankful for.

"It does make me feel good that I knew that this was happening ahead of time,” said Garton. “So, I could warn them 'hey you know there's something going on' but they are going to take care of you."

As more details develop, we will keep you updated.

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