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Discover Oklahoma- Calico Heights

OK- This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, explore a beautiful location in the southeastern part of the state. All these ‘tree house’ cabins not only have an incredible view of Lake Eufaula, but they all make for a perfect weekend getaway.

Strolling through the silent woods by Lake Eufaula and carefully surveying your surroundings, you realize just what a peaceful, relaxing area this is. And the perfect location where Deb and Justin Parry have built some beautiful cabins. They saw a need for rental units for small families and couples.

“There's very few places other than hotels for two people. So, we've seen that need, and for small families as well. So, we've tried to accommodate the size, the amenities, everything that would make a family comfortable. Or couples. So, it's a good retreat for both of those groups,” said Deb.

They have four cabins and a fifth one is almost ready!

“We've got two units that is for two people only. They've got garden tubs, fireplaces, and they're 480 square feet. We've got two other units. One will sleep six. That one is 780 square feet. And then we've just finished the two-bedroom, and that will sleep six as well. Again, those have fireplaces and all of them have just a spectacular view of the lake,” said Deb.

You can see the rest of that story, plus discover a unique boutique for men; explore the important influence on the arts from a new WPA exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art; and sample delicious German food in Choctaw and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!

Information provided by Discover Oklahoma. 

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