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Elgin retired agriculture teacher sets up donation drive for Oklahoma wildfire victims

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ELGIN, OK (KSWO) - A former agriculture teacher from Elgin is going above and beyond for those affected by the Oklahoma wildfires, and coordinating a donation drive.

Jerry Renshaw heard about all the hay donations from all across the country being made to the fire victims and decided he wanted to do something to help. He contacted The Elgin Co-op on March the 13th to organize the donation drive, and now a majority of Southwest Oklahoma Co-op's and businesses are on board where people can go to donate or buy the feed, and fencing material those ranchers and farmers need. So far, they have about 10 tons of feed, 700 T posts and three to four pallets of barbed wire, but they need all they can get.

These wildfires in Beaver, Harper and Woodward counties have taken lives, homes, farms and livestock... leaving residents devastated. And some Southwest Oklahomans are trying to do something about it...

"I guess because of the agriculture background and helping your neighbors is that overwhelming part that brings it out in you to help somebody," said Jerry Renshaw,
a retired agriculture teacher from Elgin.

Renshaw started a donation drive to bring relief to those who've been affected by these devastating fires. He's asking the community to buy and donate feed, 6 foot T posts and barbed wire. It was the generosity of those across the country that donated hay that made him want to start this.

"We just kind of band together and help each other and this is a great example of what our patrons are doing here," said Renshaw.

Billy Bridges is one of many who have already donated. The second he heard of the drive, he didn't hesitate to give what he could. He knows others would do the same for him, if the wildfires hit here.

"I'd just be overwhelmed with gratitude to these folks, and again I don't think we know how bad it is. I mean we hadn't went through it," said Bridges.

Bridges hopes to make the trip next week with Renshaw to meet and deliver to those who have lost everything. It leaves him speechless just thinking about what he'll say to them.

"I don't know, just hang in there, I guess," said Bridges. "Maybe this is a way to show people they're going to get stronger. I don't know. I wouldn't know what to tell them. It's kind of like a death. You don't know what to tell anybody other than you're sorry and here's something you hope will help."

The drive will ends April 1st and Renshaw and others who are donating their time and trucks will drive the donations to Woodward next week.

Apache, Elgin, Chickasha, Fort Cobb, Lawton, Chattanooga, Granfield, Carnegie, Mountain View and Walters Farmers Co-Op are places you can donate. As well as, Lawton Atwoods, and Spencer's Feed and Supply are also places you can go to donate.

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