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LPS police chief discusses recent lockdowns

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Things have slowed down for the Lawton Public Schools police force after a busy end to last week. 

You may remember that all three high schools were on lockdown on Thursday after a tip about an unspecified threat.  Then, Friday, a teenager was arrested after climbing onto the roof at Lawton High, and both MAC Middle and High School were both put on lockdown while police searched a nearby neighborhood.
LPS Police Chief David Hornbeck says it's uncommon to have lockdowns back-to-back but said he and his department was prepared and handled the situations well.

Hornbeck said Friday's incident involving someone on the roof at Lawton High was a good example of when they will initiate a lockdown.

"I do not want to release kids out of the building on the parking lot. I don't know why he's up there or what he was weapon wise or anything. I don't know much about him at that point," Hornbeck said.

He said they considered the reasons he might be up there to determine their next move. 

"He could place an object on the building that would've caused harm to the kids. We do a full evacuation at that point to be able to check the building and it's a case by case deal," Hornbeck said.

As for the MacArthur lockdown, it was enacted after they received word that Lawton Police officers were in a residential area searching for somebody. 

"We have to take precautionary measures to make sure that school doesn't become a place of interest to that subject," he said.

Hornbeck said his department of 14 full-time officers has a combined 350 years of experience. They also train with LPD so when the situation arises they've worked together.

"It's always a plus when parents do put a trust in us and knowing that we're not security guards we are full time certified police officers by the state of Oklahoma and we're highly trained to handle situations and I just you know, appreciate the faith that they do put in us," he said.

Hornbeck said as a department they look back at situations like these see where they can make improvements.

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