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Soldier of the year competition

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO)- Fort Sill is having their annual Solider of the Year Competition and today soldiers put their skills and strength to test in the Combat Conditioning Course.

Soldiers have been competing since Tuesday. They first completed an Army Physical Fitness test. On top of Thursday's course they had a 6 mile road march and had to pass a test where they had to detect explosive devices.

The soldiers did a little bit of everything that pushed them to their limits. From climbing ropes, jumping over walls, crawling in the mud, running long distances, and even going through monkey bars.Several of the soldiers went through it with no worries, completing it in under 8 minutes.    

Sergeant Stephanie Sandoval is one the soldiers competing in the grueling Combat Condition Course. She completed the course in 7 minutes and 41 seconds.She said the most challenging part was having to low crawl in the mud across the finish line.

"It wasn't tough it was just tiring," Sandoval said.

But Sandoval said the course is a lot harder than it looks.

"Even if you think you are good at something, your really not as good as you think," Sandoval said.

Sergeant Aaron Septimo just wanted to complete the obstacle course as fast as he could without failing.

"I'm nervous and also my Adrenaline is rushing half through my body," Septimo said.

But those nerves disappeared as Septimo powered through the course.Climbing up a rope about 30 feet high, and jumping over walls.

While this wasn't Septimos' first time competing in the course he says it was exhausting completing it in under 9 minutes. Each soldier was timed from start to finish, and also included how fast they could load up their backpack weighing about 45 pounds.

It's pretty tough, I'm really exhausted still trying to catch my breath, but I'll manage," said Septimo

 Sergeant First Class George Hightower is the Non-commissioned officer in charge for the Solider of the Year Competition. Hightower knows from experience how grueling this course can be.

"I done this a long time ago, probably like 19 year ago. I see now this is the toughest event I see now this course right here," Hightower said.

Hightower said the importance of this course is to see the soldiers strength, conditioning, and physical fitness level.

Sergeant Nicholas Simons put his strength and fitness to the test completing the course with the fastest time at 6 minutes and 58 seconds.

"It's very physically exhausting but you just have to get through it. Just use that motivation you had when you woke up this morning to keep pushing through," Simons said.

After Thursday's  course Sergeant first class Hightower said the soldiers completed courses called medical stick lanes. They each acted out different situations where they needed medical attention and other soldiers had to assist them.

Of course the winner of today's course not earned him or herself bragging rights, but will also receive awards and sponsorships.

There will be a ceremony held next month to announce the Soldier of the Year winner !

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