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Woman charged speaks out about burglary that killed 3 OK teens

Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21 Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21

BROKEN ARROW, OK (KSWO) – Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, who was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree burglary following a deadly home invasion earlier this week in Broken Arrow home, is speaking out for the first time.

On Monday, authorities say three males broke in to a home through a back door. The homeowner’s son killed all three teens with an AR-15 before barricading himself inside his bedroom. Rodriguez was the alleged getaway driver.

“I heard them kick in the door. I heard them kick it three times, that’s when I knew the door was open because I could hear it. Shortly after that is when I heard the gunshots,” Rodriguez told FOX 23. She fled the scene after hearing the gunshots.

Rodriguez told Fox 23 she feels responsible for her part in planning the break-in but not for her friends’ death.

“We all knew going in what could happen. We always said if there’s guns, every man for themselves,” Rodriguez admits they burglarized other homes in the past.

“We were just greedy. We were just greedy. There was no real reason,” she said if there hadn’t been another girl in the car at the time of Monday’s break-in, she would have gone in with them.

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