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Comanche Co Courthouse enacts new security changes

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Some needed changes came to the Comanche County Courthouse today as the court brought in its new security procedures.

With the new changes, all of the courthouse's doors will be locked except for the west entrance.

Anyone entering the building will have to walk through a metal detector and anyone bringing a bag will have to send it through an x-ray machine and could have it searched.

Comanche County Sheriff Ken Stradley says the changes are a long time coming, expressing happiness that the courthouse will be that much safer.

"Its a situation that's really been needing to happen for a while. It's a little inconvenient for some people. But you've got to look at it: if it’s your safety we're talking about then that's what's best,” explained Sheriff Stradley.

Stradley says some of the changes -- like the door locks -- actually return from previously discarded security strategies. Some of the newer additions include new cameras, a new security system and new fire alarms.

In total, the upgrades cost about $250,000.

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