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Stephens County Humane Society starts Doggy Sleepover Program for future adopters


STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - When most people think of sleepovers, they think of kids. But the Stephens County Humane Society has just started a new program called Doggy Sleepover that allows people to take dogs home for the weekend in hopes of them getting adopted!

People who are interested in adopting can take home a dog or cat at no charge.

They can learn more about how the pets act in their home and offer a weekend of love that the animals can’t get in the shelter.

You get to spend some time snuggling with a wonderful, very appreciative shelter pet and it reduces the number of pets at the Humane Society.  It's only been going on for about a week, but last weekend one of the dogs who went home with someone actually got adopted!

Abe, is a white Labrador and Pit bull Mix who had been at the Humane Society since January. Abe was losing weight and starting to show signs of kennel stress.

But little did Abe know he would soon be getting a new home to share with dog lover Kyla Sutton. Sutton learned about the Doggy Sleepover through

"I saw the picture of Abe and I thought it would be a great idea because I have a dog at home and it was good to be able to do a test drive to see if they liked each other," Sutton said.

Even though Abe was a little timid, gosh !Sutton said the sleepover was a success and seeing Abe for the first time was love at first sight!

"gosh!I knew immediately that he was the dog for me for sure ! I had been looking for a bigger dog and awwww he just pulled my heart strings. He is so beautiful," Sutton said.

Since adopting Abe last Monday, Sutton said his behavior around humans and her Chihuahua, Paco have changed.

"He is still a little shy especially around my other dogs too, but he is warming up definitely in the past couple of days he really has totally changed he is a really happy dog," said Sutton.

Sutton hopes her story will inspire other to try the program and adopt a four legged furry friend !

"Absolutely, I say go and check out these dogs! They have all different types of dogs, they have cats also and their personality...all I can say they are so much more loyal, and loving, and giving, and they just deserve, they definitely deserve a good home!"

If you take a pet home and decide you want to adopt it there are some fees. The cost to adopt a dog is $100 dollars and cats are $75 dollars. the cost includes up-to-date shots, spay or neuter surgery, and wellness checks. The Humane Society has a Pet Partner Fund that could help cover some of fund.
To see what is best for you, contact the Stephens County Humane Society at (580) 252-7387.

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