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Chisholm Trail celebrates 150th anniversary

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A celebration of the Chisholm Trail's the 150th anniversary happened on Saturday in Duncan. In honor of the day, Chisholm Trail Heritage Center held a Cowboy Camp kick-off. In the coming weeks, the party will continue through the length of the trail in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

Banking Water Productions storyteller Wallace Moore began the Cowboy Camp kick-off by telling the past of the Chisholm Trail.

"Our mission, of course, is to tell western stories starting the end of the civil war to the turn of the century,” said Moore. “We highlight what actually happened as opposed to the movie version."

Moore has been a storyteller for nearly 25 years.

Although he told a nonfiction story in history, Moore dressed in costume as a Chisholm Trail era black cowboy.

He said his goal was to focus on the celebration of the Chisholm Trail while also highlighting African American cowboys.

"We haven't seen x number of black cowboys on movie screens or television,” said Moore. “When you give the historical facts and correct facts it helps us to understand that even then when there was a segregated society by law, people were more interested in your talent skill and ability than what your race was."

Visitor of the event Trisha Lister said her first reaction of Moore was shocking.

"I thought he was black but he's not,” said Lister. “Well, he is a part but he's mainly creek Indian. And it's just a difference you know you can't always assume.

Lister said that's the reason she continues to partake in events like today as she has for ten years.

She encouraged those who have not to visit Chisholm Trail Heritage Center.

“Just need to come out and see how the west was and the days,” said Lister. “It's just kind of interesting part of our heritage."

Which is what executive director of Chisholm Trail Heritage Center Stacy Cramer Moore said their goal of this year--- to educate as many people as they can on the rich history of the trail.

"It's just such a tremendous piece of American history,” said Moore. “We like to say it's the story of America. Capitalism, entrepreneurship and all those things we love to champion as Americans in this great country in this great tale and the fun thing about it is its right here in our backyard."

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center plans to hold numerous activities throughout the year.

For more information, you can visit their website

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