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Stephens County couple victim of contractor scam

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STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - A Stephens County couple is calling for justice after they say they were the victims of a contractor scam last year. That contractor, Rusty Summit, is accused of scamming dozens of people in Oklahoma and Texas, and is currently in jail in Marshall County in southern Oklahoma. Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney opened up an investigation a few weeks ago on the couple's claims, and filed an affidavit for arrest of both Summit and Summit's wife.

Margaret Robinson and her husband said they gave nearly $23,000 to Summit They wanted him to build on their land. But they said all they got in return were excuses, and an empty lot.

"I don't know what egged me on to take pictures,” said Robinson. “But something just said take pictures. So, I did."

Robinson will occasionally flip through pictures she took while Rusty Summit's crew worked on the foundation of a metal building on their land last year. Now, some of those pictures are considered evidence in an investigation into Summit.

Robinson said they wanted to build a workshop out back last April. They found Summit online.

"He basically talked a real good deal,” said Robinson. “Like, ‘I can do this. Yeah, I can give you a better deal than anybody else. It's great. I've got all the building parts.’”

But the high expectations soon dwindled. Margaret said at every part of the project, there was an excuse from Summit and a request for more and more money.

"So, he kept telling me, ‘Well I can't find anybody to do it. There is no pumper truck today. Oh, I got a guy in Wichita Falls that's trying to do it. Oh, no he canceled on me,’” said Robinson. “And it was one excuse after another.”

After a few months, the Robinsons' calls to Summit went unanswered. The foundation sat unfinished for a year. The Robinsons got another contractor on a friend's recommendation to complete the job.

But during that time, Robinson did some digging online. She found other victims that claim Summit had scammed them.

"It's terrible,” said Robinson. “It's terrible to know that there were other victims, but on the other hand it makes you feel good to know that it wasn't just us. And that his trail of victims just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said the number of victims was a key part in their investigations into Summit.

"Of all the cases throughout Oklahoma and in Texas, there is no doubt in any of our minds, any of the agencies involved in this investigation, that these people intended to do what they did," said Sheriff McKinney.

Robinson said her family just wants to tells others of how easy it can be to fall for a scam like this. But that it's easy to protect yourself.

"Find somebody they've done a job for, and if you can't go see it, talk to those people on the phone,” said Robinson. “Talk to somebody that they've done work for before. Don't just take it for granted just because some guy has a really good plan and talks a good talk. Don't believe it."

Sheriff McKinney said that affidavit for arrest does not mean Summit and his wife are charged with these crimes in Stephens County. He says his office has just recommended the District Attorney to file these charges.

The Robinsons and Sheriff McKinney suspect there are more victims out there. If you were also scammed by Summit, contact your local authorities.

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