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OK voters will decide whether to expand victim rights in November

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- Oklahoma voters will get to decide whether to pass a law this November that could expand the rights of crime victims. Marsy's Law would amend the state constitution to update crime victims on the status of their cases.

Opponents say it would slow down the justice system, while supporters say it would help those who have been victims.

One state lawmaker who supports the bill says he was attacked just before his wedding, and wants to give other victims some peace of mind.

"I wasn't informed what the defendant, what my attacker his criminal case was like. I wasn't informed of when they were going to trial.  When a hearing was taking place. I had to search that out myself," said Rep. John Paul Jordan.

Opponents said in other states where the law has passed, prosecutors have had to add staff and costs in order to comply.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives unanimously passed the bill.

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